When we first started putting effort into forming our consortium, special emphasis was placed on closely involving problem owners from various application domains, encompassing the telecommunications industry (with Ericsson Sweden & Turkey, Turkcell), consumer electronics industry (Vestel), and the aerospace & maritime defense industry (SAAB). Indeed, even if these industries have different backgrounds, processes and best practises when it comes to developing software intensive systems, they nonetheless share many commonalities and DevOps pain points.

Indeed, it is one priority of our project to demonstrate that our innovations can be applied independently of the CPS application domains and use cases, and therefore show high impact potential of our achievements, in addition to foster cross country collaborations during the project execution. A special emphasis has been also put on the number of SMEs to be involved in the project. SMEs are seen as key enablers to provide in Europe advanced DevOps integration solutions for CPS industries.

Market Value Chain for System Development

DevOps value chain and its main stakeholders in our project are 1) Problem Owners (mainly the large companies developing CPS), 2) Knowledge Providers (typically universities or consulting companies), and 3) Solution Providers (mainly SMEs). In the following, we provide an overview of our consortium sorted out according to these stakeholders.

Our consortium consists of 12 partners from 3 countries, adequately balanced regarding their roles in the DevOps value chain.

 CountryKnowledge ProviderSolution ProviderProblem Owner
SEKTH (R), Syntell (S)Ericsson Sweden (L), SAAB (L)
SPUniversity Carlos III of Madrid (R)JOT IM (S), Knowledge Centric Solutions (TRC) (S), SII Concatel (S)
TREnforma (S)Turkcell Teknoloji (L), Ericsson Turkey (L), Vestel (L)

S: SME; L: Large; R: Research